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FUCHS completes partnership with DMG MORI

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Leading lubricant maker FUCHS has completed its partnership with DMG MORI, a specialist maker of machine tools, by signing a contract between the two companies’ American subsidiaries.

The two companies have been engaged in a technical partnership since FUCHS China signed a deal with DMG MORI in 2014, which was subsequently expanded to FUCHS Europe in 2017. The new contract will bring together elements of both companies from countries like the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

Here in the UK, FUCHS is already a partner in the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) programme, which offers complementary innovative products to DMG MORI’s tools together with a seal of approval from DMG MORI itself. As a partner in this programme, FUCHS supplies its leading fluid and lubricant solutions such as grease, metalworking fluid, spindle and hydraulic oil, monitoring technologies and coolant, as well as other relevant products. Thanks to the new contract, customers in the Americas will also be able to benefit from FUCHS’ participation in the DMPQ programme.

DMG MORI’s Gerald Owen, who is the General Manager for DMQP in the USA, said:

“We look forward to partnering with FUCHS Lubricants in the Americas. This partnership offers the ability to expand our offerings to our customers with a sustainable and economical solution to their metal working and lubricant needs.”

FUCHS has application experience that dates back years, so it says it understands its customers’ processes and has developed a range of lubricants to ideally match them. It claims its cutting fluids are economical to consume and extremely durable.

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