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Fuchs: Global expert in hydraulic lubrication

From German origin, the lubricant specialist Fuchs has formulated and produced a diverse range of products over the course of 85 years, providing solutions employed by all sectors, from aerospace to construction. One of the leading independent suppliers of lubricants, the Fuchs Group currently comprises of 62 different enterprises and has a sizeable staff of 5,600, stationed in cities around the world.

Fuchs provides both greases and lubricants for a comprehensive array of applications, from automotive and industrial oils to dedicated metal processing fluids. It designs and develops lubrication options to suit the specific requirements of different machinery. Focusing on its offerings for hydraulic systems, the following passages explore how Fuchs lubricants like those listed in its Renolin B Series answer the requirements of hydraulics that are used in equipment from industrial presses to excavators.

Protection against wear and stress

In modern industry, hydraulic systems must work intensively to produce competitive output for operation. This high rate of work puts individual components under extreme stress – not just in mechanical terms, as when machine parts move together, they become superheated, causing damage and wear if not properly lubricated. To answer this issue, Fuchs have designed hydraulic oils capable of efficiently lubricating systems for smooth operation and reducing thermal damage incurred, while working at extremely low or high temperatures. Fuchs Renolin B10 VG32, for example, features special anti-wear additives based on zinc dialkyl dithiophosphates to help it protect hydraulic pumps, motors and other parts while operating at extremes. On top of this, the high-quality lubricant has also been developed to safeguard components made of yellow metals and coppers, containing copper deactivators.

Anti-corrosive capabilities

Hydraulic systems used in conjunction with or alongside water-based processes can suffer rusting and other forms of oxidisation, but this is not the only corrosion issue they may experience. Over time, contaminants can build up in systems, slowing workflow, reducing output and increasing the need for downtime and repairs. Alongside a superior grade oil, Fuchs Renolin B range features protective additives. These provide anti-corrosive action and improved oxidation stability, allowing equipment operators to keep hydraulic systems working on top form, thereby avoiding repair and running costs from inefficient operations and damage.

Maximum performance and extended life

For economic reasons, enterprises utilising hydraulic systems must ensure equipment is always running at maximum performance. Ensuring mechanical equipment is functioning at optimum is not only about increasing production, however, as systems running efficiently are less likely to incur damage or require replacement parts. Ultimately, this can lead to hydraulic equipment remaining in active service for far longer, ensuring an excellent return on what is typically a sizeable investment. The formulas developed by Fuchs have been engineered to make certain equipment can continue to operate effectively with anti-ageing additives. Furthermore, the oils from Renolin B Series have also been designed to reduce thermal degradation, ensuring the lifespan of the lubricant itself is superior, which enables it to keep systems running reliably under high loads for longer.

With over ten thousand products to its credit, Fuchs has grown to become an acclaimed group operating internationally, and is set to continue to do so for years to come.

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