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Fuchs widens carbon-neutral goal

While lubricant maker Fuchs’s manufacturing facilities have been running on a basis that is carbon neutral, it has announced it will extend this ambition to all its joint ventures and non-production holdings, regardless of the level of equity Fuchs holds.

For a decade, Fuchs has been following a strategy of “avoid – reduce – compensate”. This means firstly trying to avoid emissions completely where possible, or reducing them otherwise. For example, during the period of 2010 to 2019, it managed to achieve a 26% reduction in the per litre energy-related emissions for its lubricant products. All other production-related emissions, including even employee commuting, are compensated for to achieve neutrality.

Fuchs’ Chairman of the Executive Board, Stefan Fuchs, said it was very important for the company to progress further in reducing its carbon footprint and meeting its responsibility for protecting the environment by also including joint ventures and non-production holdings in its carbon footprint.

The company is even going further than would normally be expected by assuming 100% responsibility for the carbon emissions of joint ventures, regardless of its actual stake in them. Companies normally only assume a portion relative to their ownership. Fuchs’ Vice President of Sustainability, Markus Garb, said about this:

“By taking this voluntary step, we want to show just how seriously we take our sustainability goals, while also underlining the importance of maximum transparency and credibility of our carbon balancing measures.”

Unavoidable emissions are compensated for by investing in certified projects for climate protection, with an emphasis on areas where Fuchs has business operations and projects that will also bring social benefits.

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