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Gear oil – where and how is it used?

Specialist gear oils are available from big brand oil companies such as Mobil, Fuchs, Shell and Q8. There is a wide range of gear lubrication products to choose from, and the right selection depends very much on the type of equipment and processes involved.

Gear oils can ably cope with the extremely high operational temperatures of industrial gear systems, unlike standard mineral oil formulas. These specially designed lubricants have high levels of shear stability. The also offer superior protection against deposit and sludge build-up, as well as thermal degradation and oxidation. Using the right top-quality lubricants can thus make for an improved performance and a longer equipment life.

Gear lubricant products are available in a range of viscosity levels, and may also contain carefully selected additives which will guard against corrosion, foaming and wear. This also offers the benefit of reducing friction during processing, so these formulations can perform extremely well, even under conditions of extreme pressure. Some specific gear oils are also made for use at incredibly low or high temperatures.

One example of a tailor-made range of gear oils is the Mobilgear 600 XP formulas. These superior quality gear oils offer a superlative performance, even when under the most intense pressure. This particular Mobil range is formulated for compatibility with circulation or splash lubrication contained gear drives. The Mobilgear 600 XP range can readily cope with smaller modern gearboxes that provide a high level of power, while protecting the bearings, gears and seals. Industry tests indicate that using Mobilgear XP gear oils can mean up to 15 times more protection for gearbox components, and the formula safeguards against contaminants, oxidation and rusting. These formulas also create a barrier against gearbox leakage.

Shell also makes its own gear oils, and these include the Omala S4 gear lubricants. These synthetic, heavy duty industrial gear lubricants can also ensure an impressive performance, even when working conditions are highly demanding. The Shell Omala S4 formulas improve equipment life, reduce friction and provide additional resistance against micro-pitting.

From Fuchs comes the Renolin Unisyn CLP range, featuring completely synthetic gear oils that are resistant to emulsifying. They offer an impressive load-carrying capacity and also procured gear systems against ageing and wear, along with a great level of resistance to micro-pitting. These products can be used when extremely high or low temperatures exist, and can prolong the intervals between oil changes.

Q8 produces the Erebus MP range, comprising multi-purpose gear oils that are made in a variety of ISO viscosity grades. These adaptable lubricants can also be used with machine tools, or as a neat cutting fluid. Special additives ensure these lubricants are highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation, wear and foaming. This applies even in conditions of extreme pressure. They also help to lower the incidence of boundary friction, and can stand up to high temperatures of up to boiling point, or those that fall below zero.

The right gear oil can give the user optimal gear protection, as well as improving the performance of machinery and ensuring smooth, trouble-free processing, so it is always worth investing in the best quality lubricant for your intended application.

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