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Mobil celebrates love of driving in new campaign

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Leading synthetic lubricant brand Mobil has launched a new campaign called “Breaking Free” that is aimed at inspiring people to rediscover their love of driving.

Mobil says the new campaign is rooted philosophically in appreciating the journey in itself, the freedom it gives, and its ability to make one’s worries dissipate. The campaign is being launched in America, where many people experience precious moments in life, whether it be road trips with the family or the joy at first getting a driving license.

In a press release, Bryce Huschka, a marketing manager at Mobil, said the campaign was dedicated to loyal users of the Mobil 1 engine oil:

“For nearly 50 years, we’ve been talking about our incredible technology advancements, such as longer drain intervals and fuel economy savings. But we were reminded in our research that the consumers we want to reach are very different—they’re not all obsessed with the latest engine wear protection.”

He added that what connects them is their experiences of what driving really means for them. The press release did not mention whether a similar campaign would be launched in other countries like the UK, but with the iconic Mobil 1 brand having its 50th anniversary next year, it seems likely that the company will mark the occasion in some way.

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