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Which Mobil DTE oil do you need?

Circulating and hydraulic oils

Different series within the Mobil DTE range are targeted at different applications. First, circulating oils are designed for systems that provide a sustained flow of lubrication to gearboxes and blowers, as well as bearings that often carry a high load and must operate at high speeds and temperatures. Next, hydraulic oils differ from standard oils in that not only must they provide lubrication and protect equipment, but they must also act as the power-transfer medium in hydraulic systems.

There may be some crossover between products and applications. For example, a circulating oil may also be suitable for use in a moderate-severity hydraulic pump, but it’s important to ensure you use an oil that’s entirely suitable for your specific application, so always consult your Mobil distributor for advice on suitable lubricants.

Mobil DTE Named series

The Mobil DTE Named series is, as the name suggests, identified by names such as Light, Medium, Heavy Medium, and Heavy rather than numbers. They are high-performance circulating lubricants that are formulated for demanding applications like hydro and steam turbines, as well as other systems where a long oil life is preferred. A system of additives ensures good anti-wear properties and protects against corrosion and rust, even from sea water. The use of highly refined base oils also provides for a high viscosity index, meaning that viscosity changes less with temperature and thus less power loss occurs during the warm-up process.

Many operators choose to use the Mobil DTE Named series because they have a reputation for delivering outstanding equipment protection and long oil life in a wide range of industrial settings. They have been employed in applications such as hydro and steam turbines; circulation systems that involve valves pumps, valves, and supplementary systems; and rotary air and natural gas compressors.

Mobil DTE 20 series

These high-performance hydraulic oils are designed to meet the rigorous demands of hydraulic systems, which often employ high-pressure, high-output pumps. Their suitability for a wide variety of hydraulic systems often enables users to employ a single oil in multiple applications without compromising performance.

The features of Mobil DTE 20 include:

• Defence from small and large volumes of water through controlled demulsibility
• Protection against the wear and corrosion of system components.
• Reduced maintenance and downtime costs thanks to a cleaner system and fewer deposits, which also helps extend oil life.

Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series

Much like its cousin the Mobil DTE 20 series, the Mobil DTE 10 Excel series is made up of high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils, yet these are designed to better satisfy the requirements of contemporary, high pressure, industrial hydraulic systems and mobile equipment.

Laboratory test have also revealed Mobil DTE 10 Excel oils to exhibit a 6% improvement in hydraulic efficiency when compared to Mobil DTE 20 equivalents. In practice, this can lead to improved output or reduced energy consumption. It has also been shown to outlast its conventional Mobil equivalents by up to three times and operate in temperatures as low as -34°C thanks to its high viscosity index.

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