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Mobil refreshes its Delvac range

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Leading lubricant maker Mobil has restructured the naming of its Delvac range of commercial vehicle oil to make it easier for operators to identify the most suitable product. For example, Mobil Delvac MX ESP 15W-40 will now be known as Mobil Delvac Modern 15W-40 Full Protection.

The company also launched a new campaign titled “Trucking is Hard; Choosing Engine Oil Shouldn’t Be” aimed at ensuring that trucks are using the best engine oil. The full Delvac range has been split into the Delvac Modern and Delvac Legend sub-ranges. Devlac Legend oils are aimed at providing special care for extending the life of older engines, while Delvac Modern oils are aimed at protecting modern engines, even with an extended drain interval, so they run smoothly for longer.

The CEO of ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd., Vipin Rana, said the company was genuinely excited about making it easier for:

“…truckers to choose the right quality engine oil for their trucks along with providing special offers to our trade partners and consumers. Mobil Delvac is on the road to 100 years of pioneering efforts to protecting trucks against engine wear in all conditions and enabling truckers and businesses to thrive.”

In addition to bearing new names, the refreshed packaging features new imagery and icons and has a coloured cap. Mobil is just one of the many brands we supply here at TrAchem, so if you need commercial vehicle oil, talk with our team to learn which products will best suit your fleet.

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