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Morris Lubricants and Guy Martin launch video series

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Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants and television presenter Guy Martin have come together to launch a series of four videos about how using the right lubrication in commercial vehicles can minimise breakdowns and improve fuel efficiency.

The first episode focuses on how engine oils have evolved alongside engine design to ensure compliance with emission requirements. This looks at the role that aftertreatment systems like AdBlue catalysts and diesel particulate filters play in this.

The next episode then looks to the future and the shift to the Euro VII standard, with emissions being further reduced as engines are designed around thinner commercial vehicle oil and improved aftertreatment systems.

Episode three then looks at potential alternatives to commercial diesel vehicles, such as hydrogen, electric, and hybrid vehicles. The last episode then discusses how vehicle emissions can be affected by design choices in the driveline.

Adrian Hill, the technology manager at Morris Lubricants, said about the series:

“In creating these series of videos with Guy for the commercial vehicle workshop sector, we wanted to provide viewers with insight into how the correct choice of oils and lubricants is of vital importance. Moreover, we wanted to offer some insight into the potential future landscape for commercial vehicle power technologies.”

He added that with engine oil being an equally important element of a vehicle, the heavy-duty diesel engines of today will only achieve practical reductions in emissions when combined with the latest generation of lubricant products.

The series can be viewed on the Morris website.

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