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Morris Lubricants makes donation to hospice

The UK-based maker of lubricants such as agricultural oil, Morris Lubricants, has helped Severn Hospice – a charity that operates hospices in Telford and Shrewsbury, as well as outreach services across Shropshire and Mid Wales – to bridge its funding gap by making a £10,000 donation.

The charity usually raises money through its network of 28 high street shops, an online eBay shop and a 6,000 square foot superstore that it rents from Morris Lubricants, although this is currently closed due to the coronavirus. Like many other charities, Severn Hospice lost much of its usual income during the lockdown period.

Severn Hospice’s Director of Income Generation, Norma Ross, said this had made it very financially challenging for the charity, given that for every pound the NHS provides, it needs to raise an additional two pounds itself. She added:

“Our shops shut, our fundraising events were cancelled and our supporters were told to stay at home. Morris Lubricants’ incredibly generous £10,000 donation is hugely appreciated. We are not out of the woods yet financially and support, such as that from the company, means so much to us.”

Ross added that the charity was committed to continuing the same high level of care for its patients and families, despite the new challenges it faces.

Speaking for Paterson Enterprises, Morris Lubricants’ parent company, the Joint Executive Chairman, Edward Goddard, said the company was pleased to help the charity in its efforts to support and care for families in the region.

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