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Valvoline acquires new lubricant centres

Valvoline, the maker of high-quality automotive and industrial lubricants, has expanded its network of ‘Quick Lube’ locations with the acquisition of 14 Avis Lube centres in Texas.

Under an agreement with Kent Lubrication Centers Ltd., the terms of which are confidential, Valvoline will purchase the 14 locations and rebrand them as Valvoline Instant Oil Change. The deal is expected to be finalised by the first quarter of next year.

In an announcement, Valvoline Quick Lubes’ president, Tony Puckett, said:

“A core element of Valvoline’s business strategy is to continue to grow and strengthen our industry-leading quick-lube network through organic store expansion and high-quality acquisitions in both core and new markets.”

Puckett added that the Midland and Odessa centres would also extend its network further into Texas, building upon its franchised and company-owned service centres in major Texan cities like San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Dallas.

A particular selling point of Valvoline’s offering is that motorists can get a full-service oil change using Valvoline’s own passenger car engine oil in just 15 minutes – without even leaving their vehicles. In the age of COVID-19, this avoids the possibility of becoming infected in the waiting room. Its service centres also offer a variety of other maintenance services, most of which can also be completed while the driver remains seated in the vehicle.

It remains to be seen if Valvoline will in future seek to gain a foothold in the UK market so that British drivers can also benefit from the same rapid, low-contact service.

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