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New biodegradable lubricant launched by Fuchs

Fuchs Lubricants has added a biodegradable oil to its product range. The new PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is a diesel oil with a low ash content suitable for use in the engines of both off-road and commercial vehicles.

Engine maker Deutz has already given the new oil its DEUTZ DQC IV-18 LA accreditation, making it the first biodegradable engine oil to achieve such a feat. Biodegradable oils have traditionally been criticised for having a tendency to degrade plastic materials in engines, such as seals. Fuchs claims to have eradicated these problems, however, and the new engine oil has passed all API’s and ACEA’s elastomer compatibility tests.

Furthermore, according to Fuchs, despite being made using raw substances from sustainable sources, PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 has been developed to achieve outstanding engine cleanliness with its high detergency performance and excellent oxidation stability. It has good all-round coverage, having met ACEA E6 and E7 requirements, but it is especially suited to engines running on alternative diesel fuels and those fitted with exhaust after-treatment.

Fuchs Lubricants’ UK Automotive Technical Manager, Andy Brown, said:

“We have worked extremely closely with Deutz on this product and are delighted to have secured that notable approval. The product is suitable for engines with the highest power rating and highest thermal stress, as well as meeting requirements for piston cleanliness and providing extended oil drain intervals.”

He also stressed how proud people at Fuchs were of the sustainability and environment advantages this product can bring.

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