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New stationary gas engine oil released by Petro-Canada

Petro-Canada Lubricants has now added Sentron SP 40 to its range, with the new oil being specially formulated for stationary gas engines with steel pistons.

The new gas engine oil has been developed using hydrotreated base oils and advanced additive technology to meet the demands of steel piston gas engines in areas like enhancing the durability and serviceable life of engines, reducing wear on key components, and avoiding damaging deposits in the ring grooves. All this will of course help avoid equipment failure and the consequence of unscheduled downtime.

Furthermore, the new oil can help boost operational efficiency further by reducing scheduled downtime for routine maintenance. This is because the alkalinity retention of Sentron SP 40 means it can deliver optimal performance and protection even with extended drain intervals, which also brings the benefit of lower overall lubricant consumption.

Next-generation engine designs can involve extreme operating environments, such as high pressures and operating temperatures, but Petro-Canada has formulated its new gas engine oil to meet and even exceed the demands of these high-performance engines, so they can operate at maximum efficiency.

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ category manager for gas plants, pipelines and power generation, Sharanie Patterson, said about the launch of Sentron SP 40:

“The latest engine designs produce greater efficiencies and power output for end applications; however, this means that they run with increased pressure and higher temperatures. To support operators in getting the most from their engines, Sentron SP 40 has been developed directly in response to the requirements of the next-generation engine designs.”

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