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New strategic partnership for FUCHS and L.B. Foster

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Leading lubricant maker FUCHS has agreed with L.B. Foster Company to enter into a new strategic partnership aimed at developing new friction management solutions for the global rail market.

L.B. Foster is a global supplier of solutions for the rail industry, so it has substantial experience in developing and implementing solutions for managing friction on railways. It has pioneered what it calls Total Friction Management by offering on-board and trackside solutions for friction management to its clients. Thanks to the new partnership, this will be complemented by FUCHS’ extensive expertise as the developer of over 10,000 lubricants, as well as other related services, including for demanding applications with specific industry requirements.

The two companies will work together to further innovate lubricant products for friction management and thereby help rail operators to enhance safety, improve operational efficiency and save money by reducing wear on both wheels and rails. A co-branded grease will also be produced and supplied globally.

John Kasel, the CEO and President of L.B. Foster, said about the new partnership:

“We are excited to work with FUCHS as our preferred partner for manufacturing our advanced friction management lubricants. The combination of our wheel/rail engineering expertise with FUCHS’s lubricant manufacturing competencies will bring best-in-class solutions that will benefit the global rail industry.”

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