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Nynas: world leader in transformer oils

With a 100-strong workforce, Nynas has an enviable reach that extends to serve customers in countries all over the world. Environmentally conscious, the Swedish oil manufacturer focuses on creating sustainable products and collaborates with its customers to develop oils that fulfil specific processes and applications.

While producing an extensive range of lubricants, Nynas is a world leader when it comes to supplying transformer oils. In the following sections, we’ll explore transformer oil and look at some of the built-for-purpose products engineered by Nynas that serve a wide array of applications.

What is transformer oil?

Transformer oil serves many different purposes. It works to cool and insulate transformers, and it also suppresses arcing and corona discharge. However, while primarily employed in oil-filled transformers, this dedicated oil can also be used in a variety of other electrical devices, such as circuit breakers, ballasts for fluorescent lamps and high-voltage switches and capacitors.

For the most part, the transformer oils currently available use a mineral oil as a base, but new synthetic formulas are becoming more commonly used, with enhanced properties for engineering capabilities and considerations for the environment. To perform its role efficiently, a transformer oil is required to remain stable for extended periods of time at the highest temperatures.

The following are three products from the transformer oil range from Nynas:

Nynas Nytro Gemini X

Nytro Gemini X is a high-grade inhibited transformer oil. Engineered with a low viscosity index, it can effectively remove heat generated from the windings or core of a transformer. Nynas designed Gemini X for use in a diverse range of electrical equipment that is filled with oil, such as circuit breakers, rectifiers, power transformers and switchgears. Its properties enable it to start at low temperatures without any need for pour point depressants. Gemini X also has an excellent dielectric strength, giving it superior performance, even under extreme conditions.

Nynas Nytro Lyra X

Another inhibited transformer oil, Nytro Lyra X is also high-grade. Developed by Nynas to deliver an exceptional performance in terms of oxidation stability, its properties can deliver a significant return on investments made by electrical equipment owners. The outstanding stability not only provides transformers with longer life spans, but also substantially reduces maintenance costs. Successfully passing essential corrosion tests, it can also efficiently resist oil degradation over time.

Nynas has developed Lyra X for use in a broad selection of oil-filled electrical equipment, including power transformers, circuit breakers and switch gears. It also has high dielectric strength that empowers it to work at optimal capacity in the toughest conditions.

Nynas Nytro Libra

Nytro Libra is a standard-grade electrical insulating oil. Unlike Gemini X and Lyra X, it is an uninhibited transformer oil and was designed by Nynas to deliver high levels of oxidisation stability, supported by premium heat transfer and resistance to degradation. Along with transformers, Nytro Libra has been engineered specifically for use with rectifiers, circuit breakers and switchgears. Like Gemini X, Nytro Libra offers start up under lower temperatures due to its Napthenic base.

These oils are just three of Nynas’ transformer oil range, which is currently the largest selection available on the market. All designed to answer specific industry needs, they help solidify Nynas’ status as a world leader in transformer oil production.

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