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WinGD validates Total lubricants for its dual-fuel engines

Total Lubmarine, the marine-oriented section of Total Lubricants, has had its Talusia Universal cylinder oil lubricant validated by Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) for its dual-fuel engines, including its discontinued Sulzer engines.

With IMO 2020 having come into force this year, many shipping companies have shifted away from diesel engines and towards ones fuelled by natural gas, which burns much cleaner. To ease the transition, duel-fuel engines like WinGD’s X62DF can run on both natural gas and heavy fuel oil, depending on availability.

Having multiple fuel types has consequences for lubricant management, however, which is where Total’s Talusia Universal comes in. Rather than use different lubricants, which would need to be switched along with a switch in fuel, Total’s solution enables one cylinder oil to be used for all fuel types. According to Total:

“Talusia Universal is the original single oil solution, designed to lubricate engines using a wide range of fuels. Proven with millions of operating hours and used in thousands of vessels, its pioneering chemistry ensures optimum engine cleanliness and efficient acid neutralization.”

Total received a no-objection letter (NOL) from WinGD, thus allowing it to add validation for WinGD’s dual-fuel solutions. The oil was tested on an LNG-fuelled 6X62DF engine for over 8,000 hours, about half of which was in the field on a vessel.

The lubricant was given NOLs for other engines in WinGD’s portfolio earlier in the year, including its legacy two-stroke Sulzer engines, which can meet IMO 2020 emission requirements by using ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuels.

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