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Oil choice for off-highway vehicles becoming more vital, says Fuchs

According to Fuchs Lubricants, businesses need to reevaluate which oils they should be using in off-road vehicles in the light of the new Stage V emission standards.

Andy Brown, the automotive technical manager at Fuchs Lubricants UK, believes businesses with off-highway vehicles may be underrating how this next stage in EU emission standards will affect the selection of commercial vehicle oil for use in off-road diesel engines, such as in construction, agriculture, and industry. As a result, many newly built off-road vehicles now need a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to achieve a lower Particulate Number (PN), together with ongoing control of PM and NOx emissions.

Brown stated that this now means the days of using a single oil in all off-highway vehicles are over. The DPF alone, he said, makes the choice of oil more complicated, adding:

“Just like with road vehicles, it’s now vitally important that the correct oil is used for each vehicle—and that will depend on the OEM, the type of engine and the use. Failure to use the right oil could lead to breakdown and, consequently, costly downtime of machinery.”

He also emphasised that the right oil should now be a vital consideration. When selecting the oil, Brown suggests first looking at manufacturer’s handbook for details about the correct oil specification. Failing that, he suggests using FUCHS’ online tool, which can recommend suitable products based on vehicle information. Finally, he recommends seeking the expert advice that any good oil supplier should be willing and able to provide.

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