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Petro-Canada gains certification for grease

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The US-based National Lubricating Grease Institute has awarded Petro-Canada Lubricants’ PEERLESS OG2 RED with its new High Performance Multiuse (HPM) Core certification, meaning it regards this product as demonstrating the necessary high levels of performance to be suitable for various applications include greasing U-joints and wheel bearing lubrication, pellet roll bearings, and automotive and heavy-duty chassis.

To secure HPM certification, the testing process had to ensure that PEERLESS OG2 RED could support reliable equipment operation even under the most challenging operational conditions. The tests revealed that the product showed outstanding protection against corrosion and rust, effectiveness at a wide range of temperatures, and exceptional resistance to water washout.

A Petro-Canada Lubricants’ research associate, Martin Keenan, said about the new certification:

“The tests for the HPM certification are extremely stringent, and meeting them simultaneously demonstrates the extreme performance of the product. The HPM certification will become representative of quality standards for grease manufacturers in the future, so being awarded this certification is a fantastic achievement.”

The company claims that PEERLESS OG2 RED is ideal for limiting bearing failures in applications that are heavy duty, high temperature, and laden with moisture, such as pulp press rollers and pellet mill production. With lower grease consumption and less need to replace roll bearings, customers have been able to achieve tangible cost savings.

The Petro-Canada PEERLESS range of greases are among the many we can supply at TrAchem, so consult our knowledgeable team to see if this or other greases will best suit your needs.

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