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Q8 and INNIO launch innovative lubricant for gas engines

INNIO Jenbacher, a producer of stationary gas engines, and the lubricant division of Kuwait-based Q8, have come together to develop and launch a new lubricant for gas engines that run on fuels other than natural gas.

The two companies entered into a strategic partnership in order to develop a gas engine oil that was optimised for Jenbacher gas engines that run on a fuel other than natural gas, such as biogas, landfill gas and sewage gas. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, so using these methane-based gasses to generate power is generally preferable to allowing them to leak into the atmosphere.

The Jenbacher S Oil 40 gas engine oil has been optimised for Jenbacher Type 6, 4, 3 and 2 engines that run on non-natural gases, but it is also suitable for other gas engines that run on gas that is not natural. It boasts an 80% extension in service interval, “outstanding” acid neutralisation and oxidation stability, and additive technology to prevent excessive deposits burning up in the combustion chamber.

The Chief Technology officer of INNIO, Andreas Kunz, said about the launch:

“Based on a best-in-class co-engineering working relationship, the INNIO Jenbacher and Q8Oils partnership focuses on sustainable solutions that support environmental friendlier solutions, and this has resulted in the successful development of Jenbacher S Oil 40 gas engine oil.”

Q8 Oils’ Technology Manager, Joris van der List, said the new oil was the product of sharing expertise and years of joint development, both through field and laboratory testing.

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