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Shell to accelerate emission cuts

Following a recent court ruling in the Netherlands, CEO Ben van Beurden has written in a LinkedIn post that Shell will step up its efforts to reduce emissions.

The court ruling in The Hague instructed Shell to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030, which is faster than it had initially planned in the near-to-medium term. While van Beurden writes that Shell is examining the judgement and its implications, and is currently expecting to appeal, he adds that Shell will take further steps to reduce its emissions in a useful and profitable manner. He argues this is not a change as such, but rather an acceleration of its existing goal to become a net-zero business by the middle of the century.

Shell, which also now offers a carbon-neutral range of lubricant products, has invested billions in low-carbon projects and a strategy to build upon this, wrote van Beurden, adding:

“So, we have a pathway to become a net-zero emissions business, a detailed strategy to get there and actions that show we are on our way. But we need one more thing, now more than ever if we’re to accelerate our strategy.”

The CEO argued that tackling the energy transition is a challenge beyond the capabilities of a single company, country or even continent. He highlighted the need for all the relevant stakeholders to work together to accomplish genuine change in the global energy supply system, but said this also needs to address the demand for carbon-based fuel, rather than focussing on the supply of it.

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