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Red Bull F1 driver credits ExxonMobil technology

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Sergio Perez, a driver for the Red Bull Formula One team and teammate of reigning world champion Max Verstappen, has praised ExxonMobil’s contribution to the team’s strong start in the 2023 Formula One season.

In the first five races of the season, Red Bull has won every time, with only one of those not being a 1–2 finish. In the year since last April, the team finished 1–2 eight times and won 20 out of 23 races. Part of their success has been attributed to ExxonMobil, which provides support in the form of trackside engineering and laboratory time, high-performance Mobil lubricants, and specialised race fuel to help the team get the most out of their vehicles.

Speaking to Beyond the Flag, Perez said about ExxonMobil’s contribution:

“It’s incredible. The way they help us to perform—not only to perform, but how they make us last, and how they make us protect our engines and gearboxes, for example. That’s something very unique.”

He added that many people don’t realise they can benefit from the same technology in everyday life. The exceptional demands of track racing provide an excellent testbed for companies like ExxonMobil to refine their fuel and lubricant technologies. This means drivers can benefit from the same technologies by using the Mobil range of passenger car engine oil in their vehicles and visiting Esso-branded stations in the UK to fuel with Synergy petrol, which has been designed to reduce engine deposits and improve fuel economy.

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