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Shell CEO sets out five aims for the UK

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Speaking at the company’s Powering Progress UK summit for contractors and staff, Shell’s CEO, Ben van Beurden stated five clear goals for this decade aimed at accelerating its transition to cleaner energy in the UK, including investment to help 15,000 people into skilled jobs.

The first goal is to raise its contribution to the nation’s oil and gas supply by 50% while halving its operational emissions, compared to 2018 levels, citing that responsibly produced local oil and gas was necessary to supply the energy needed now while the world builds the energy systems of tomorrow.

The second aim of Shell, which also produces grease and lubricants, is to spend three-quarters of its £20-25 billion of investment on low- and zero-carbon energy projects, which in turn relates to its third and fourth aims of having 100,000 public charging points for electric vehicles and supplying renewable power to five million customers, both by the end of this decade. The final goal is to invest £100 million in developing the skills needed for the energy transition.

In conclusion, van Beurden said:

“There you have it. Five clear ambitions. We are investing in reducing emissions from supplying oil and gas. We are investing to grow low- and zero carbon energy and fast charging points. And we are investing in renewable power and sustainable jobs.”

While he conceded that these steps alone would not get Shell, let alone the UK, to an immediate state of net-zero emissions, he emphasised how they would help accelerate progress towards this goals.

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