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EV startup to build UK manufacturing hub

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REE, a startup to build electric vehicles (EVs), has announced that it will build a new manufacturing hub in Coventry at a cost of about £12.1 million, giving a boost to the automotive industry in the region.

The new plant will have a strong focus on automation and ultimately have the capacity to build 10,000 bases for electric vehicles. REE employs a disruptive modular technology, whereby it uses what it calls “corners” to build on the vehicle base. This allows it to build a wide range of different passenger and commercial vehicles without requiring the costly equipment typically used in traditional car factories.

The Vice President of Engineering at REE, Peter Dow, said to the Daily Express that the recent uncertainty in the British automotive industry had helped the company to recruit talented UK engineers, who he feels may have been underutilised due to the industry’s focus on repeatability and incremental efficiency improvements. He said many of these relished working at REE:

“I’ve got people joining me that are saying ‘oh I’m so pleased to be an engineer again’ because previously they’ve been project managers, or managing with a supplier to give them parts whereas now they’re engineering the parts themselves.”

REE’s innovative business model exemplifies how the UK manufacturing landscape is changing. If you’re also investing in new equipment, be sure to consult our friendly team at TrAchem about procuring lubricants like the Mobil SHC range to keep it running reliably and efficiently long into the future.

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