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Shell launches new gas-to-liquid hydraulic fluid

Shell Lubricants has added a new hydraulic fluid to its range that offers enhanced productivity and uptime for hydraulic systems that are in constant use in demanding settings, such as for plastic injection moulding.

The new Shell Tellus S4 VE is based on the company’s proprietary gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, which has resulted from 45 years of research and development at the company. Unlike traditional lubricants, which typically use base oils that have been refined from crude oil, GTL lubricants use synthetic base oils that have been derived from natural gas. According to Shell, its proprietary process results in high-quality base oils with almost none of the impurities typically contained in crude oil.

When compared to a mineral-based equivalent, Shell Tellus S4 VE claims to deliver a 6% improvement in hydraulic productivity and a 21% reduction in energy loss for hydraulic pumps. Furthermore, it has a serviceable life as long as 40,000 hours, meaning less downtime for oil changes.

Shell Lubricants’ UK and Ireland Technical Manager, Drew Swinton, said Shell GTL lubricants were ideal for operations including plastic injection moulding due to their superior response to additives, enhanced oxidation stability, and high viscosity index when compared to mineral-based hydraulic oil, adding:

“Plastic injection moulding is one of the most high-intensity, high-demand functions in modern manufacturing. Each machine can produce up to a hundred parts per nozzle per hour. At this rate of output, even the shortest downtime or fall in efficiency can lead to significant financial losses.”

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