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Shell Marine and Kongsberg Digital intensify cooperation

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Kongsberg Digital is to add Shell’s LubeMonitor application to those it offers through its maritime applications database.

The development builds upon the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that the two companies signed last year with the aim of furthering their shared ambitions of supporting the maritime sector as it navigates the energy transition by accelerating decarbonisation initiatives. Shell’s LubeMonitor offers insights into a vessel’s engine condition by combining data from engine operating conditions, oil testing performed on board, laboratory results from the Shell LubeAnalyst service, and measurements and photos taken during engine inspections. This helps operators to make informed decisions about maintenance interventions and keep their vessels running reliably.

Kongsberg Digital’s vice president for maritime, Anders Bryhni, said that the two company’s cooperation:

“…expands the range of applications available to industry professionals on our marketplace and consolidates our collaboration with Shell. We are proud to work together with Shell, sharing a passion for digital innovation and commitment to decarbonisation. Offering Kongsberg Digital clients Shell’s LubeMonitor app is a testament to our close collaboration.”

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