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Shell to build largest biofuel facility in Europe

Anglo-Dutch oil major Shell has announced that it will build what will likely be the biggest biofuel-production facility in Europe.

Once it becomes operational in 2024, it could produce enough renewable fuel to replicate the effect of taking a million typical European cars off the road.

In reality, the new facility at the former Pernis refinery in the Netherlands, now known as the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, will produce a combination of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel, depending on the relative demand for these two products.

It will take input as waste products, such as animal fats and used cooking oil, as well as other residual products from agricultural and industrial processes. These waste feedstocks will be supplemented with other vegetable oils that are certified as being sustainable. For example, the plant will not use virgin palm oil.

The Downstream Director at Shell, Huibert Vigeveno, said about the new facility:

“Today’s announcement is a key part of the transformation of one of our major refineries into an energy and chemicals park, which will supply customers with the low-carbon products they want and need.”

Shell has committed to becoming a net-zero carbon emitter by 2050, and it has already launched a range of carbon-neutral lubricant products. It is currently in the process of transforming its refineries into energy and chemicals parks as it seeks to more than half its production of hydrocarbon-based fuel by the end of the decade, replacing it with low-carbon fuels like hydrogen and biofuel instead.

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