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Total and Nautilus progress shipping efficiency project

TotalEnergies, the France-based energy company formerly known as Total, has expanded its project with energy efficiency technology firm Nautilus Labs to improve its liquefied natural gas (LNG) fleet’s performance and to decrease the associated carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

This partnership began in November last year, when TotalEnergies started looking for a partner that could analyse the data for its fleet and suggest efficiency improvements. The company needed a system that could be easily adopted alongside existing ship-to-shore systems, seeing as the company charters vessels from various owners. The pilot project will now be expanded to the entire fleet.

While advances in areas like lubricant technology can improve efficiency, voyage decisions can also play a role in the efficiency of getting cargo from one place to another. The machine learning model developed by Nautilus Labs uses high-frequency sensor data to anticipate actual vessel performance in line with environmental factors. This, in turn, helps inform voyage decisions, leading to lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

TotalEnergies’ Vice President LNG Shipping, Jerome Cousin, said that for a charterer:

“Systems and partners have to be flexible, smart, being able to adapt to new requirements and regulations. In Nautilus we found a solution that can work with any owner and seamlessly integrates all data sets, helping us optimise performance and decisions made during voyages, to ultimately cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

Cousin added that to achieve the company’s goal of becoming a net-zero business by 2050, Nautilus was also a valuable partner for streamlining the emissions reporting and monitoring process.

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