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Shell to split up low-carbon and renewables business


The new CEO of Shell, Wael Sawan, is looking to improve the company’s performance by regionally dividing the low-carbon and renewables division of the company.

Global renewable energy generation is currently under the purview of Thomas Brostrom, who moved from Orsted in 2021 to become an executive vice president at Shell. Under the shakeup, his current role will be eliminated, with him remaining at the company as its senior vice president for Shell Energy in Asia and Europe. Solar and wind power generation businesses will instead become the responsibility of Shell Energy’s regional heads, who will in turn report to Steve Hill, an executive vice president.

Anna Mascolo has also been appointed as an executive vice president with responsibility for low-carbon sectors and products, which includes other environmentally oriented technologies like carbon capture, biofuels and nature-based solutions. Both Mascolo and Hill will report to the head of the renewables and downstream division, Huibert Vigeveno, effectively bringing the renewables and low-carbon businesses under the downstream umbrella.

A spokesperson for the company, which also makes gear oil and grease for the wind power industry, said the shakeup would bring together all the various aspects of zero- and low-carbon energy and thereby strengthen the business. Earlier in the year, Shell announced it would be simplifying the organisation of its upstream business by combining the liquefied natural gas (LNG) division with the division for oil and gas production. The new CEO has previously said he wants to enhance the company’s performance as it navigates the energy transition.

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