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Strategic business partnership announced between two industry giants

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Automotive maker Mercedes-Benz AG and independent lubricant supplier Fuchs SE have agreed a collaboration contract.

This will see the two companies working together to improve automotive after-sales for Mercedes-Benz customers by advancing innovation, sustainability and technology.

The Global Customer Service & Parts division of Mercedes-Benz is well known for its global network for servicing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As part of the partnership, Fuchs, which is the largest independent supplier of lubricants in the world, will provide bespoke passenger car engine oil and other lubricant solutions for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to drive lubrication to new levels.

By bringing together their respective expertise, the two companies hope to further improve vehicle efficiency and performance while also enhancing the environmental sustainability of lubricant solutions.

Mercedes-Benz’s Director of Service & Parts, Andreas Jörg, said his division prioritised delivering:

“…the highest level of customer satisfaction, truly caring for vehicles by offering high-performing, innovative and more sustainable products. Our strategic partnership with Fuchs SE is an exciting opportunity to further enhance our commitment to customers by collaborating on innovative technologies, which will shape the future of mobility and customer experience.”

Fuchs CEO Stefan Fuchs said his company was pleased to be working with Mercedes-Benz to advance automotive technology by enhancing the reliability and performance of vehicles.

He pointed out that the two companies already have a rich history of collaboration. The two companies will also seek out opportunities for joint initiatives, such as marketing activities and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about the sustainability of mobility solutions and its importance.

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