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Submer approves Castrol immersion cooling fluid

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Following a compatibility study, immersion cooling specialist Submer has approved Castrol ON Immersion Cooling Fluid DC 20 to be used in its equipment without voiding the warranty.

Castrol and Submer have been collaborating since July last year on developing and standardising fluids for immersion cooling in datacentres. After comprehensively studying Castrol’s coolant fluid, Submer established that it met and exceeded all its technical requirements, enabling it to fully approve its use in Submer-equipped data centres.

Compared to air cooling in air-conditioned rooms, immersion cooling is a more efficient way of transferring heat from electronic components in datacentres. Moreover, with the waste heat being captured in a liquid coolant, it can be more easily re-used, such as for heating offices or driving industrial and agricultural processes. While the technology is currently only employed in high-power niche applications, it will likely become more popular as datacentres move to the next generation of technology while seeking to improve their sustainability.

On announcing the test results, Castrol CMO and BP SVP for marketing, Nicola Buck, said:

“This is a significant milestone in Castrol’s collaboration with Submer. We are now well-positioned to work together in developing a joint offer to data centre customers. We aspire to make immersion cooling technology mainstream in the data centre industry and will develop integrated customer offers.”

Castrol’s coolant fluids are not limited to immersion cooling, of course. At TrAchem, we’re proud to offer products like the Castrol Hysol metalworking fluids, so contact our helpful team to learn more about Castrol products.

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