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The different applications of Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids

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Paratherm is a specialist in engineering and manufacturing heat transfer fluids (HTFs). While the company is headquartered in Pennsylvania in the US, it serves its professional customers operating all over the world with a wide range of built-for-purpose HTFs designed to answer the unique challenges of a wide arrange of applications. Below, we take a close look at these applications and the fluids Paratherm provides.

Alternative energy and emerging technologies

HTFs are available from Paratherm suited to meet the specific demands of both the emerging technologies and alternative energy markets. Ranging from solar energy collection systems involving high temperatures to low temperature photovoltaics (PV) production Paratherm delivers fluid technology made to meet the ever-growing demands of the latest generation of sustainable and alternative energy solutions with products like Paratherm HR designed for high performance within closed-loop heating systems.

Asphalt processing and storage

Paratherm’s HTFs are employed in the asphalt processing sector to maintain temperatures of storage tanks in terminals for holding asphalt. Paratherm HTFs are also employed in plants producing asphalt shingles for heating transfer networks and storage tanks, but also on transport barges where fluidity must be maintained. A full range of products are available for this application including Paratherm LC Cleaner and Paratherm HE HTF.

Biofuel Processing

Paratherm HTFs are available like Paratherm GLT HTF and Paratherm HR HTF for the biofuel industry supplying precision cooling and heating to equipment for biomass processing production of biodiesel, renewable hydrocarbons and bioethanol production.

Chemical processing

Answering the challenges of multiple chemical manufacturing processes that require uniform heating and cooling Paratherm has engineered products like Paratherm NF HTF and Paratherm HT HTF. The cutting-edge HTFs serve heating and cooling for reboilers, chemical reactors and distillation towers among other equipment.

Engineered wood and building materials

Paratherm HTFS like Paratherm OR HTF and Paratherm HE HTF are used in the building materials industry to supply moderate heat for wood presses and to help maintain the molten state of binders, aggregate, and adhesives. Its fluid technology provides precision temperature control to create consistent quality.

Extraction sciences

Highly valued by the extraction sciences sector, Paratherm HTF have unique properties. HTFs like Paratherm LR HTF and Paratherm CR HTF among other fluids are used for a wide range of requirements. These include fractionation techniques and low temperature extraction where they replace hazardous solvents with toxicity and safety and concerns. Paratherm’s low temperature fluids are lower maintenance and more efficient than silicones and glycols.

Food and beverage processing and meat and poultry processing

An industry leader producing NSF HT-1 food-grade HTFs, Paratherm pioneered the market with it Paratherm NF HTF and has added four more unique products bearing a NSF HT-1 classification since then. Its food grade fluids are deployed in a range of food and beverage applications involving fryers, ovens, kettles and freezers. Paratherm NF HTF is the also the industry standard for poultry and meat processing and food additive processing.

Industrial drying processes

Paratherm HE HTF and Paratherm OR HTF among other HTFs were designed by Paratherm for industrial drying processes providing responsive temperature control. Users include commercial laundry services and healthcare and hospitality facilities which benefit from Paratherm’s clean running heat HTFs.

Oil and gas processing

Paratherm’s HTFs are used in a wide range of oil and gas production processes that require uniform and precision heating. Techniques that are temperature sensitive like high efficiency distillations and amine regeneration are aided by Paratherm HTFs that can provide responsive temperature control essential for critical processing operations. Fluids designed to meet the requirement of the oil and gas processing industry include Paratherm HR HTF and Paratherm HE HTF among others.


Heat transfer fluids from Paratherm are valued by the pharmaceutical sciences segment for their unique attributes. Paratherm fluids are employed for specialised high and low temperature isolation processes among other unit-based operations. Paratherm’s HTFs offer low temperature fluids that are used widely as lower maintenance and more efficient alternatives to conventional solution like glycols and silicones. They are also used as USP grade fluids designed for the most sensitive pharmaceutical processes. Paratherm’s NF HTF is used when food grade fluids are required while Paratherm CR HTF provide 10ºC colder temperatures without equipment change in fine chemical processing and pharmaceutical production.

Plastics, polymers, and textiles

Paratherm’s are also used widely in various polymer, textile, and plastic manufacturing processes. For example. die casting equipment that requires precision temperature control can benefit from the highly efficient fluids Paratherm provides. However, Paratherm’s high temperature HTFs are well-suited for higher temperature synthetic fibre and polymer processing. Paratherm NF HTF is a non-toxic and non-fouling fluid. It is typically specified for use in electric heated temperature control units in moulding applications.

An expert in HTF engineering, Paratherm has tried and tested products for every application that guarantee results.

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