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The lowdown on commercial vehicle oil

There is a wide range of commercial vehicle lubricants on the market. These superior oils are specifically designed for use with heavy goods transporters or other large commercial vehicles. Whether the vehicle is a lorry, truck or bus, such lubricants can cope, even when under intense pressure. This leads to improved vehicle performance, plus a reduction in maintenance downtime and costs. As a result, replacement parts should be required less often.

What do commercial vehicle oils do?

Commercial vehicle oils are long-life lubricants that can be used with a variety of applications – from heavy goods lorries that frequently travel long distances, to multipassenger transport vehicles such as buses and coaches. Whether the vehicle carries heavy goods or people across Europe or even beyond, these formulas will reduce wear and tear. They will also minimise rusting, corrosion, oxidisation, and the formation of sludge deposits, as well as soot thickening.

Specialist commercial vehicle oils can be used even when vehicles cover a sizeable number of miles annually, or where extremely high or low temperatures exist. Impressive results are guaranteed by the carefully chosen set of additives, even when used with naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel engines.

The use of top-quality commercial vehicle lubricants can prolong vehicle life. It will also lengthen the interval between repair and routine maintenance procedures. Specialist formulas will also assure users of a high performance, while providing protection against mechanical breakdown.

What are some of the leading commercial vehicle oils?

Commercial vehicle oils are made by oil industry leaders such as Shell, Fuchs, Morris, Mobil and Q8. Fuchs, for example, produces specialist lubricants for use with trucks or trains. its Titan Truck 15W-40 is a long-life lubricant suitable for use during all seasons. This oil is designed for diesel engines – whether or not they are turbo charged – in buses, trucks, industrial equipment and even passenger cars. Fuchs Turbolene Plus 15W-40 (rail) is a protective diesel engine oil developed for use with high power, turbo charged diesel engines. This oil offers a prolonged drain period of over 45,000km (as permitted by the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook).

The Morris Versimax range also offers users longer drain intervals, as well as a superior set of protective additives. These lubricants are also designed for use with heavy duty diesel engines, and the comprehensive selection offers oils that are ideal for particular makes and models of vehicle, as well as for use in high-temperature environments or with engines that clock up a hefty annual mileage.

Shell offers its Rimula range. Again, this comprises a number of products that vary in viscosity as well as other properties, and the correct product should be selected according to vehicle type and manufacturer. Key features of Shell Rimula lubricants include outstanding protection against wear, exceptional engine cleanliness and long drain intervals. They also lead to low emissions, which help to protect the environment as well as machinery.

The protective qualities of commercial vehicle lubricants can lead to a clean and efficient system and longer oil draining intervals, resulting in minimal maintenance time and costs and lower engine downtime. High-quality commercial vehicle oils can also lead to longer vehicle life, thanks to protective additives that help to guard against worn parts or mechanical breakdown.

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