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TotalEnergies commits $1.5 million to Nigerian flood-relief interventions

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France-based TotalEnergies has announced a programme of interventions to provide post-flood relief to the inhabitants of Rivers State in the southern region of Nigeria. The area, which lies in the Niger delta, has been affected by floods that have destroyed arable land and homes, damaged road and power infrastructure and brought various diseases.

Speaking for TotalEnergies, Guillaume Dulout said:

“We are here to stand with our people in Egi and Ekpeye. TotalEnergies is not just a responsible company but a responsive corporate citizen and committed member of the two kingdoms. That is why anything that affects our hosts, affects us too.”

TotalEnergies, which also makes the Total lubricant range, has been exploring for, and producing, crude oil and natural gas in Nigeria for many decades. Dulout said the company had already formed a team to manage the company’s crisis response, which will act on multiple fronts to ameliorate the aftermath of the floods.

First, to address the various diseases brought by the flooding, the company will implement a massive health campaign, so that affected people can be examined and prescribed medication free of charge. The company will also seek to restore power supplies by repairing damaged electric poles and facilitate the easy movement of goods and passenger vehicles by restoring damaged roads. To help safeguard against future food shortages caused by damage to farmlands, the company is planning to supply enhanced yam and cassava seedlings to farmers.

Dulout said he hoped these efforts would help alleviate the hardships faced by the flood’s victims.

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