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Mobil adds additional grades to marine range

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Leading lubricant brand Mobil has widened its range of oil for marine engines, enabling vessel operators to stop using oils developed for heavy-duty land vehicles and replace them with equivalent products that will continue to meet the marine sector’s operational requirements as they evolve.

In a statement, a chief marine engineer at ExxonMobil, Alan Suan, said about the current situation:

“At present, on-highway engine oils are commonly used in inland and coastal vessels due to the similarity of engine design. However, the two markets have quite distinct operation parameters and those disparities are likely to increase.”

Suan recommended that, in order to get the most from their vessels, operators using such engine oils should consult their lubricant suppliers to procure an equivalent oil for high-speed diesel engines that meets the specific needs of the marine sector. He said this will not only help ensure they are using the best formulation for their operations now, but it will also keep pace in future as regulations on emissions continue to evolve.

Mobil is therefore translating some of its Delvac commercial vehicle oil products over to its marine-specific MobilGard range. According to a statement from the company, Mobil Delvac 1300 Super will be Mobilgard HSD, while Mobil Delvac 1 will become Mobilgard 1 HSD.

By having distinct products for on-highway and marine use, Mobil will be able to update the marine-specific versions to meet the increasingly divergent needs of high-speed marine engines as they evolve and accommodate new regulatory requirements as and when they are introduced.

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