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UK automotive calls for cross-party industrial strategy

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The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has announced its new manifesto. Announced in London at its yearly annual summit, the manifesto is titled “Manifesto 2030: Automotive growth for a zero emission future”.

The manifesto calls on all relevant parties to accept that the automotive sector is strategically important to the UK economy and to therefore cultivate an environment in which it can thrive. It claims that by the end of this decade, given the right conditions, more than 750,000 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) worth over £106 billion could be leaving UK factory gates every year, about ten times the current level of production.

The SMMT’s Chief Executive, Mike Hawes, said the automotive sector was committed to meeting the UK Government’s ambitious targets, adding:

“But we are in the middle of the most fiercely competitive investment landscape of a generation and need a UK response, urgently, using every policy, every fiscal and regulatory lever, to make Britain the most attractive place to invest.”

He then challenged political parties of all colours to back the industry in creating the sort of conditions that would allow the industry to transform its responsibilities into prospects that would benefit the UK, the environment, the industry and job creation. The suggestions include building up the UK’s nascent supply chain for EVs and luring the production of upcoming EVs to factories in the UK.

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