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UK offshore oil still vital to BP

Oil production on the UK continental shelf will remain a leading aspect of BP’s business according to BP regional president Ariel Flores. He also said he expected BP to continue to be producing oil in the UK North Sea waters in 2050 at reduced levels.

Flores also emphasised BP’s commitment to the environment, saying its staff felt just as strongly as the critics of the industry. He did point out, however, that its North Sea operations needed to sustain its performance if BP is to realize its new environmental objectives, including reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

As pointed out by Flores, BP faces a complex challenge in providing greater energy at lower emission levels in an ever-ageing North Sea. Nevertheless, BP, which also has a large downstream in the UK making, among other things, Castrol lubricant products, plans to employ various techniques, such as offsetting, hydrogen production, as well as carbon capture and subsequent storage. What’s more, Flores said BP staff at Aberdeen were also formulating new ideas to lower emissions, adding:

“Do we really think someone on the corner with a banner has more passion, drive and commitment than the people in this office to do something about it? I would say ‘no’.”

BP is already pursuing a number of environmental initiatives, such as supporting a Teesside-based carbon capture project and the development of technology for methane monitoring. It is also looking at supplying its platforms with renewable energy via cables from the shore, as well as overhauling older, less efficient machinery on its platforms.

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