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Valvoline launches Mechanics’ Month

US-based Valvoline, a leading lubricant producer and provider of automotive services, is dedicating the month of March to celebrating the mechanics that have been the bedrock of its success over the last 150 years.

Valvoline Mechanic’s Month will celebrate the dedication and hard work of mechanics in the various countries outside the US in which the company is in operation. The month will feature social media activations, multinational events, advertising, and giveaways aimed at raising awareness of the importance of mechanics and the role they play in keeping the world’s systems functioning.

A senior vice president at Valvoline, Jamal Muashsher, commented about the new event:

“A great mechanic is valued throughout the world, and reports only validate how we will continue to depend on these professionals well into the future. As a result, Valvoline Mechanics’ Month is not just an event but rather an ongoing partnership and an everlasting pledge of our brand support.”

He then went on to urge people to join the company in acknowledging and celebrating the contribution mechanics make on a daily basis.

The importance of mechanics is only likely to grow further. According to a 2019 trends report, the global market for automotive maintenance and repair services will grow to $810bn in six years’ time.

Valvoline has been supplying the automotive service market for 150 years with products such as engine and transmission oil, with it consistently innovating to create new products to meet the needs of modern vehicles while maximising engine care.

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