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Valvoline launches this year’s Mechanics Month

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Leading global maker of industrial and automotive lubricants Valvoline has launched the fifth instance of its yearly Mechanics Month, which will take place over March.

The official theme for the event will be “Mechanics Make the World Better” to highlight how mechanics working in dealerships, car modifiers and independent workshops have such an impact on society.

To celebrate the profession, apprenticeships and scholarships will be presented throughout various parts of the world, and mechanics will be highlighted through social media and advertising. Since Valvoline launched this novel initiative in 2020 for 15 countries, participation has since grown to over 62 countries.

Valvoline will leverage its relationship with Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team as its official lubricant partner to promote gratitude towards mechanics, and highlight the craftsmanship of the profession on the racetrack.

The director of global brand equity at Valvoline, Laura Wright, said the company was thrilled to be honouring mechanics around the globe through the fifth instance of Mechanics Month, adding:

“Our trusted mechanics play a pivotal role in our journeys. They ensure our travels aren’t limited to just getting from one place to another; rather, they open us up to exploring boundless horizons and creating memorable adventures far and wide.”

Wright also said the campaign celebrates how people everywhere benefit from the services of mechanics, with them not just enhancing the driving experience but also making the world safer and smarter. She asked people across the world to show their gratitude to mechanics and recognise their devotion to maintaining our vehicles.

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