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Valvoline renews its partnership with Cummins

Lubricant maker Valvoline has announced a five-year extension to its established marketing and technology partnership with Cummings, the biggest independent maker of engines and components in the world.

As part of the deal, Cummins will supply lubricant products from Valvoline through its own sales channels, as well as using Valvoline products in its own plants around the world. It will also recommend Valvoline’s Premium Blue oil in its generators and engines.

Sam Mitchell, the Chief Executive Officer of Valvoline, said that when he considers the distinctive relationship between the two companies, he thinks:

“About two of the best-known teams in our respective fields making each other better. This relationship is undeniably one of the most important ones we have, and our strategic and fruitful alignment is ultimately beneficial for our companies, our people and our customers.”

Tracy Embree, a Vice President and President at Cummins, said it was a great partnership that paired Cummins’ advanced engines with cutting-edge lubricant technology. She said her company benefitted from the innovative products from Valvoline because its engines operated in some of the harshest conditions around the globe.

Cummins and Valvoline have been cooperating since the mid-1990s to develop new lubricants for heavy-duty applications. The Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 oil from Valvoline stands out, as it is not just suitable for petrol and diesel engines – it can also serve as a gas engine oil. This allows operators to consolidate their lubricant needs while also benefitting from long oil drain intervals and the associated reduction in routine maintenance costs.

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