CPI 1519 Series

CPI Fluid Engineering



Elevate your compressor performance with the CPI 1519 Series Compressor Lubricants from CPI Fluid Engineering. It is available in 3 different viscosity grades; ISO VG 100 (CPI 1519-100), ISO VG 150 (CPI 1519-150), and ISO VG 220 (CPI 1519-220). Manufactured from a premium polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base fluid and enriched with a high-performance additive package, these lubricants redefine excellence in compressor lubrication. Ideal for flooded rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, and sour gas applications, the CPI 1519 Series excels in diverse environments, providing robust performance in harsh chemical conditions, particularly in sour gas applications with hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Key Features and Benefits of CPI 1519 Series Lubricants:

  • Hydrocarbon Dilution Resistance: Experience limited hydrocarbon dilution in operation, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Corrosion Protection (H2S): Enhance system reliability and resist H2S corrosion, ensuring uninterrupted operation in challenging environments.
  • Excellent Lubricity: Increase efficiency and reduce the overall cost of operation with superior lubricity.
  • Oxidatively Stable: Enjoy a longer system life with exceptional oxidative stability.

You can purchase the CPI 1519 Series directly from Oil Store, official CPI Fluid Engineering Distributors. If you would like more information or have a technical query, you can get in touch with our technical team by clicking here.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Viscosity Grade

ISO VG 100 (CPI 1519-100), ISO VG 150 (CPI 1519-150), ISO VG 220 (CPI 1519-220)

Pack Size

19L, 208L