CPI 1516 Series

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The CPI 1516 Series of compressor lubricants, available in ISO VG 68 (CPI 1516-68), ISO VG 100 (CPI 1516-100), and ISO VG 150 (CPI 1516-150) viscosity grades, set a new benchmark for performance in both refrigeration and speciality gas applications. Formulated with a polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base fluid and a high-performance additive package, these lubricants deliver exceptional thermal and oxidative stability, ensuring reliable operation across a diverse range of compressor types.

For Refrigeration Applications:

Tailored for propane refrigeration systems, the CPI 1516 Series excels in flooded rotary screw compressors. With a high viscosity index (VI), these lubricants operate seamlessly over a wide temperature range, experiencing minimal viscosity changes compared to other formulated lubricants. Ideal for high-temperature applications, the CPI 1516 Series stands out with low volatility and a unique advantage in Propane refrigeration, preventing degradation, varnish, deposit formation, and corrosion.

For Speciality Gas Applications:

Designed for flooded rotary screw compressors, the CPI 1516 Series boasts shear stability, excellent lubricity, and good miscibility with hydrocarbon gas. The carefully selected combination of corrosion inhibitors ensures excellent protection against yellow metal staining. Unparalleled oxidative and thermal stability guarantees a long, trouble-free service interval, even in high-temperature applications. The low volatility and high viscosity index contribute to reduced lubricant presence in the gas stream, preventing detrimental varnishes or deposits.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Hydrocarbon Miscibility: Works well with hydrocarbon gas in industrial refrigeration systems.
  • Oxidatively Stable: Provides a longer system life, enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Extremely Low Volatility: Ensures reduced maintenance and top-ups, particularly in high-temperature applications.
  • High Viscosity Index: Operates over a wide temperature range with minimal viscosity changes.
  • Excellent Lubricity: Increases efficiency and reduces the cost of operation.
  • Corrosion Protection (Yellow Metals): Enhances system reliability and reduces downtime in speciality gas applications.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Viscosity Grade

ISO VG 68 (CPI 1516-68), ISO VG 100 (CPI 1516-100), ISO VG 150 (CPI 1516-150)

Pack Size

19L, 208L