Fuchs Ecocool Global 20




Fuchs Ecocool Global 20 is an automotive grade water-miscible machining coolant unlike any metalworking fluid in the market today. Based on Fuchs’ patented technology it provides benefits to Operations, Maintenance, Purchasing, EH&S and Quality Management. Ecocool Global 20  from Fuchs Lubricants helps maximize operational productivity and improves the work environment while providing costs savings. It contains a novel lubricity package that makes it especially effective on aluminium and steel. Studies on aluminium milling show dramatic improvements in tool life and metal removal rates.

Benefits of using Ecocool Global 20

  • Manufactured specifically for the automotive industry
  • Increases productivity due to fewer machine stoppages for tooling and coolant changes
  • Saves money via lower consumption
  • Lowers costs by reducing tooling consumption
  • Improves the work environment by being near odourless, low foaming and rated as non-irritating to human skin
  • Usable in the hardest and softest water types
  • Reduces operational complexity as it can be used in multiple operations and is safe on nearly all metals
  • One formula offered all around the globe ensures quality no matter where it operates
  • Meets the Chemical Registry requirements of the top 19 industrialized economies and most major manufacturing companies’ restricted chemicals lists.

Instructions for use

Fuchs Ecocool Global 20 is a water soluble cutting fluid and should be mixed with water for use. Typical in-use concentration should be 5% however, the ultimate concentration must also be compatible with the materials involved. The optimum mixing temperature for water and concentrate is 15–20 °C (59-68°F). When mixing, always add coolant concentrate to water, not the other way around.

Remember, O.I.L – Oil In Last

Residues left by Ecocool Global 20 are readily cleaned from parts using mild alkaline cleaner solutions such as Fuchs Renoclean.

Additional information

Pack Size

20L, 205L