Houghton Adrana DF 200

Quaker Houghton



Houghton Adrana DF 200 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid forming a stable microemulsion which is free from formaldehyde-release biocides. The product contains high quality mineral oil and a sophisticated surfactant package.

Houghton Adrana DF 200 replaces Houghton Adrana D408.

Features & Benefits

  • Good separation of tramp oil : for ease of removal and longer emulsion life
  • Excellent detergency : cleaner parts, machine tools and working environment
  • Very stable emulsion : long fluid life between new fills, fewer additive treatments and lower usage costs
  • Good corrosion protection : fewer rejects and lower maintenance cost
  • Very low foaming : designed for high pressures and flow rates in both soft and hard water
  • Good EHS profile : free of Chlorine, phenol, secondary amine (TRGS 611 compliant) and formaldehyde

Additional information

Weight N/A
Pack Size

20L, 209L