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MAK Lubes ML200 Wire Rope Penetrating Grease is a semi-fluid lubricant designed to provide exceptional protection and performance for wire ropes and chains exposed to demanding conditions. Developed from a unique blend of base oils, additives, and thickeners highly resistant to moisture, this lubricant sets the standard for reliable and long-lasting protection.

With its excellent adhesion characteristics, MAK Lubes ML200 ensures maximum staying power, adhering to wire ropes and chains even in the harshest environments. This specially formulated product creates a water-resistant barrier, safeguarding against wear, rust, and corrosion. Thanks to its ideal consistency, ML200 offers rapid penetration, effectively reaching deep into the intricate surfaces of wire ropes and chains. This fast and thorough lubrication process ensures optimal protection from the very start, reducing friction, minimizing wear, and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Whether you’re facing extreme conditions or everyday challenges, ML200 can deliver unmatched performance. Its unique formulation provides the necessary protection and lubrication required for your wire ropes and chains, ensuring smooth operation and preventing costly downtime.

Typial Applications for MAK Lubes ML200

• Wire ropes
• Chains
• Gearboxes requiring semi-fluid grease

NOT recommended for SUBMERGED wire ropes or chains.

Application Methods

For best results, apply MAK Lubes ML200 Wire Rope Penetrating Grease via the VIPER Wire Rope Lubricator. Alternatively, apply via a brush or spatula.

Beneficial Qualities of ML200 Wire Rope Penetrating Grease

• Penetrates to the wire rope core,  expels water and protects against rust  and corrosion
• Tacky, stringy consistency prevents  “sling-off” or dripping – less lube consumption
• Longer wire rope life, lower maintenance and operating costs
• Safe and easy to apply




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