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MAK Lubes ML253 EAL Wire Rope Grease is a game-changing solution to wire rope lubrication that combines superior performance with environmental responsibility. It has been specifically engineered with biodegradable, non-toxic natural and synthetic ester base oils in addition to a special calcium thickener to protect both your wire ropes and the environment. ML253 from MAK Lubes meets the stringent specifications required by the EPA’s Vessel General Permit (VGP) and its eco-friendly composition ensures you’re aligned with environmental regulations whilst contributing to a sustainable future.

This tacky, stringy grease offers exceptional penetration and coating protection for wire ropes exposed to severe environments, including salt water. Its proprietary technology ensures a long-lasting product with outstanding water resistance, excellent extreme pressure (E.P.) properties, and superior wear protection. ML253 is an adhesive grease that creates a water-resistant coating around the wire rope, effectively shielding it from rust and corrosion.

Oil Store stocks MAK Lubes ML253 EAL Wire Rope Grease here in the UK and is readily available for a next working day delivery nationwide.

Performance Level

• DIN 51825 KP1K-25
• DIN 51502
• ISO 6743/9 L-XBCEB1

Typial Applications for MAK Lubes ML253

• Excellent for all types of wire ropes at temperatures as low as -25ºC
• Ideal for salt water environments and submerged wire ropes
• Marine and ROV Cables
• Mining applications
• Construction Equipment
• Harbour Cranes and Syncrolift

Application Methods

For best results, apply MAK Lubes ML253 ECOLOGY EAL Wire Rope Grease via the VIPER Wire Rope Lubricator. Alternatively, apply via a brush or spatula.

Beneficial Qualities of ML253 EAL Wire Rope Grease

• Vessel General Permit (VGP) Compliant Lubricant
• Readily biodegradable & Non Toxic
• Safe for the environment and marine life
• Easy and safe to apply
• Extends lube intervals and reduces lube consumption
• Increases wire rope life
• Reduces equipment downtime
• Reduces maintenance and operating costs = increased PROFITS
• Excellent salt water and water wash out resistance
• Effective rust protection and corrosion resistance




View the Technical Data Sheet for MAK Lubes ML253 Ecology EAL Wire Rope Grease

View the Safety Data Sheet for MAK Lubes ML253 Ecology EAL Wire Rope Grease

Health & Safety

MAK Lubes ML253 has been specifically designed to have minimal effect on the environment:

Biodegradability, OECD 301B > 60%
Acute Toxicity 72 Hours, Algae OECD 201 [LC50] > 1000 mg/l
BAcute Toxicity 48 Hours, Daphnia OECD 202 [LC50] > 1000 mg/l
Bioaccumulation, Partition Coefficient Log KOW OECD 117 < 3

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
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