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MAK Lubes ML221 Wire Rope Coating Grease ensures optimum performance and protection of wire ropes, even in the harshest of environments, including applications that are exposed to water. This dual-action lubricant is specially formulated to penetrate the wire rope and provide exceptional coating protection at the same time.

ML221 Wire Rope Coating Grease is engineered with cutting-edge proprietary technology and boasts outstanding extreme pressure (E.P.) characteristics & remarkable water resistance. With its superior tacky properties, MAK Lubes ML221 forms a resilient water-resistant coating around wire ropes, effectively safeguarding them against rust and corrosion, even on submerged cables.

Typical Applications

• All types of wire ropes including submerged wire ropes
• Mining
• Marine and ROV Cables
• Construction Equipment

Application Methods

For best results, apply MAK Lubes ML221 Wire Rope Coating Grease via the VIPER Wire Rope Lubricator. Alternatively, apply via a brush or spatula.

Beneficial Qualities of ML221 Wire Rope Coating Grease

• Extends lube intervals and reduces lube consumption
• Increases wire rope life
• Reduces equipment downtime
• Reduces maintenance and operating costs = increased PROFITS
• Easy and safe to apply




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