Mobil DTE 25 Ultra



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Mobil DTE 25 Ultra 

Mobil DTE 25 Ultra is part of the DTE 20 Ultra series of oils that are known for their excellent performance. This product is an anti-wear hydraulic lubricant and has been specifically designed to enhance the performance of a wide variety of hydraulic equipment.

This series of oil also meets the strict requirements of hydraulic systems that use a higher pressure pump and other critical requirements of components in these systems, including NC (numerically controlled ) tools and close clearance servo-valves.

Many hydraulic systems require a high-performing product to meet their rigorous performance requirements, and the Mobil DTE 25 Ultra oil has the characteristics to achieve this, which allows for the use of a single product to attain excellent performance results.

The advantages of Mobil DTE 25 Ultra include:

Specially formulated

The DTE 20 Ultra series oils are all formulated with base oils of a high quality, and combine this with a stabilised system of additives that can neutralise and reduce the formation of sludge deposits and other corrosive materials.

Reduction of maintenance costs

This range of products has an outstanding oxidation stability which can help minimise the downtime needed for machine maintenance and the costs associated with keeping them in working order. This stability contributes to the cleanliness of the system by reducing the amount of deposit left behind, which leads to a longer filter and oil life.

Enhanced anti-wear protection

Another feature of these lubricants that makes them one of the most desirable on the market is that they can perform under severe conditions where a high level of anti-wear protection is required. They are formulated to perform well where other anti-wear specific oil products are recommended, meaning that they are a strong product.

Water protection

One of the prominent features of the DTE Ultra range is that its controlled demulsibility provides protection for systems and equipment from both small and large quantities of water.

Main applications

The main application for the Mobil DTE 20 Ultra series is with hydraulic systems that are prone to sludge and deposit buildup with conventional products. As well as this, these lubricants are perfect for hydraulic systems that require anti-wear protection and have a high load-carrying capability.

These oils can also be used on systems that contain gears and bearings, and where a small amount of water is unavoidable.

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