Mobil DTE 26 Ultra



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Mobil DTE 26 Ultra 

The 68-grade hydraulic oil Mobil DTE 26 Ultra is an important member of the legendary DTE 20 Ultra oil series and, like others in the range, is designed specifically to help hydraulic equipment perform at its very best.

DTE 26 Ultra also meets the highest requirements of hydraulic systems involving higher pressure pumps. Other key needs of the components within these systems, such as close clearance servo-valves, are also catered for.

When it comes to hydraulics, it is of paramount importance that products meet their performance requirements. Thankfully, Mobil DTE 26 Ultra offers every characteristic necessary for this aim. The result is a single product that can offer excellent results time and time again.

Mobil DTE 26 Ultra advantages:

Formulated specially for its intended usage

Every oil in the DTE 20 Ultra range has top-quality base oils in its makeup. A stabilised and steady system is also in its framework, meaning unwelcome deposits like sludge and other corrosives are kept to an absolute minimum.

Maintenance costs are lower

When it comes to oxidation stability, this range cannot be beaten. With this in mind, machine maintenance downtime can be kept to a minimum. The expenses incurred in running machines can be cut as well.

Thanks to this stable approach, systems become cleaner, with fewer corrosive deposits formed. This helps not only the filter to last longer, but also the oil as well.

Anti-wear protection at its best

DTE 20 Ultra oils are always in high demand, and one major reason for this is their level of performance in severe conditions. Thanks to its excellent formulation, DTE 26 Ultra can outperform other lubricants on the market even when very high levels of anti-wear protection are called for.

Water protection

Controlled demulsibility is at the heart of the DTE 20 Ultra series. Whether a large or small quantity of water makes contact with appliances, this property means that full protection can be achieved.

Main applications

Uses for this range are diverse, but it is specifically designed for hydraulic systems. Since some conventional oils on the market can lead to deposit build-up, this is a welcome alternative.

Where anti-wear protection is needed, particularly for heavy load-carrying systems, DTE 26 Ultra is the perfect product. It is also the ideal solution for systems built around bearings and gears, and in cases where contact with water cannot be avoided.

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