Mobil DTE 27 Ultra



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Mobil DTE 27 Ultra 

The DTE 20 Ultra oil series is well known and highly respected, and Mobil DTE 27 Ultra is an important part of the range. Like all the DTE 20 Ultra family, this 100-grade hydraulic oil is designed to get the very best out of equipment.

The oil also adheres to the pivotal needs of hydraulic systems where higher pressure pumps are required, and is an ideal lubricant for other common components like close clearance servo-valves.

It is of critical importance that all products perform to the high standards required when being used in hydraulics. Mobil understands this, and ensures that DTE 27 Ultra produces the goods in every aspect necessary to achieve this aim. Consequentially, this oil enables repeated excellent results from the same reliable product.

Some advantages of Mobil DTE 27 Ultra 

Purpose-driven formulation

This oil is formulated specifically for its purpose. Made from the leading quality base oils synonymous with the DTE 20 Ultra series and offering a stabilised system, it helps keep corrosive deposits and sludge to a minimum.

Cost effective maintenance

There is no better oil series on the market for oxidation stability. Use Mobil DTE 27 Ultra to keep downtime for machine maintenance as low as possible, and to have machines working in a more reliable and cost effective way in the first place.

The stable approach offered by this range makes for cleaner systems. By lowering the amount of sludge and other corrosive residue, both the oil and filter can be longer lasting.

Water protection

This series is all about controlled demulsibility. Should equipment come into contact with any quantity of water, as is inevitable in some cases, this lubricant offers a strong level of protection.

Ultimate anti-wear protection

Part of the reason for the DTE 20 Ultra series’ popularity is the ability of the oils to function in severe environments. DTE 27’s superior formulation means that when the very highest standards of anti-wear protection are needed, it is a cut above rivals on the market.

Main applications

Though it is a diverse oil, DTE 27 Ultra is specially formulated with hydraulic systems in mind. It provides a refreshing alternative to many of the conventional oils from which a build-up of deposits is commonplace.

Systems able to carry heavy loads often require anti-wear protection, and this oil is absolutely ideal in these cases, as well as for gear and bearing systems and situations where water contact cannot be avoided.

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