Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 300 – 20L




Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 300

The Gargoyle Arctic series from Mobil comprises a series of high quality naphthenic, mineral-based lubricants that are specially made for refrigeration compressor lubrication. As well as an outstanding performance, these wax-free formulas boast outstanding low temperature fluidity thanks to their low pour points.

Using Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 300 leads to exceedingly clean evaporator tubes, which in turn improves heat transfer. The oils feature an impressive level of chemical stability, which makes them perfect for lubricating bearing and cylinder systems. Various features and benefits make this Mobil product a versatile and high-performance lubricant, including the following:

Reduced wax content

System efficiency is at a premium where this product is used, which improves 
heat transfer by evaporation as well as the performance of low temperature equipment.

Reliable chemical stability

Machinery may experience a prolonged operating life where Mobil Gargoyle Arctic lubricants are used. This is down to their superb chemical stability. The result is a reduction in both maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Principal applications

The prime use of this range of lubricants is bearing and cylinder lubrication. This Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 300 can be used in combination with the vast majority of refrigerants, excepting those that contain sulphur dioxide. They may also be used when equipment operates at temperatures below 0℃; typical examples include machinery that freezes food in addition to cold storage facilities. They are however not suitable to be used with HFC-based refrigerants.

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