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Mobil SHC 639

The Mobil SHC 600 series of lubricants is an outstanding set of gear and bearing oils specifically designed to give a high quality service, enabling operations that are problem free whilst protecting equipment.

This set of oils has been crafted using Mobil’s latest technology, allowing them to perform to a high standard no matter what temperature machinery is required to work in. These oils also surpass the expectations set by other mineral oils. These lubricants are also resistant to mechanical shear, which means there is minimal, if any, loss of viscosity.

What are the advantages of the Mobil SHC 600 range?

A low traction coefficient

Mobil’s SHC 600 oils have low traction coefficients compared with other market-leading mineral oils. These coefficients have been acquired from the molecular structure of the base stocked used in the product’s make up. As a result, the product features a low level of fluid friction in nonconforming surface’s load zones. This includes rolling contact gears and bearings.

The result of this is a better gear efficiency and a lower operating temperature, which translates to a smaller rate of power consumption. This has been scientifically proven, with lab results showing an efficiency increase of up to 3.6%.

Quality oxidation resistance

This range of products have an outstanding level of resistance to sludging, oxidation and the build-up of deposits, especially when working at the higher temperatures. Furthermore, they have a better resistance to rusting and corrosion as well as great anti-wear and foam control.

Unique combination of additives

This lubricant has been designed with a set of additives which have been perfected to enable a high quality performance in the prevention of rust and corrosion, foam control and water separability. This unique set of additives can help provide problem-free operations, leading to reduced maintenance and operating costs.

What are its main applications?

Mobil SHC 600 lubricants are well suited to a diverse range of gear and bearing components that operate in both high and low temperatures, or where the temperature means that traditional mineral oils are unable to perform to a satisfactory level.

The product is recommended for use in applications where the maintenance costs are high for component cleaning and replacement, or for lubrication changes.

What other applications can it be used with?

As well as its main application, these oils are recommended for use with gearboxes in remote locations that make oil changes challenging, or for applications in low temperatures where it is acceptable for seasonal changes to be avoided, for example, ski lifts.

Other information

This product range is compatible with many other components used in the construction industry and with the same seal materials used in equipment traditionally lubricated using standard mineral oils.

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The Mobil SHC 600 range has been developed using the latest Mobil technology, so it is no wonder that it is the lubricant of choice for many operators worldwide. Get in touch with Oil Store today for more information about acquiring these products.

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